Best Small Business Payroll Software 2023 Reviews

Best Payroll Software for Small Businesses

By using Patriot Payroll it’s possible to tackle both your accounting and payroll tasks, with the emphasis on ease of use, especially for small business owners. Patriot also gets a resounding thumbs-up for its efficient support infrastructure. The company has a long-standing pedigree too, with around three decades of experience shaping the look and feel of the current package. Through the platform you will be able to generate pay slips and send them directly to employees, as well as mandatory forms.

It offers next-day direct deposit even with the basic plan, plus new hire reporting, a mobile app, and a library with HR resources. Gusto is our best overall payroll service because it is easy to use and provides an all-in-one solution that works for most businesses. The pricing is competitive, and it features everything businesses without an internal payroll team will need. You can automate your entire payroll, file your payroll taxes automatically, and integrate health insurance, retirement plans, time tracking, paid time off, and more. Gusto is a great option for any business but really tops the other options for small businesses that need the most help. Patriot Payroll is one of the most affordable software options on the market and boasts all the essential features one might expect from full-service payroll software.

Advanced Payroll’s pricing:

Patriot guarantees to file your tax obligations on time and accurately, or they will pay the penalties and interest. Accounting software integrations include Patriot Accounting as well as both the online and desktop versions of QuickBooks. Unlike Square Payroll and QuickBooks Payroll, it doesn’t have a low-cost contractor-only payroll plan. If you have a limited budget, OnPay provides a reasonably priced payroll solution that comes with basic HR tools for managing PTO, employee benefits, and onboarding. While it only has a single plan ($40 plus $6 per employee monthly), it’s one of the lowest-priced full-service payroll packages on our list—excluding Patriot with its DIY option. Plus, you get complete access to all of OnPay’s tools as other providers require you to upgrade to higher plans to unlock additional features.

Best Payroll Software for Small Businesses

OnPay is a solid payroll service that offers integrations for not only most accounting software options but also with most time tracking software. You can expect the same filing of federal, state, and local tax filing. Multi-state payroll construction bookkeeping handles employees living in different jurisdictions. The reporting feature allows you to run various reports straight from your payroll. Finally, even the pure payroll package provides basic HR tools like new hire reporting and onboarding.

SurePayroll — Good for: Running payroll from your mobile phone

Don’t underestimate the importance of trying out as many applications as you can prior to making a final decision. Unlike other software applications, most payroll applications offer many of the same features and functions; the main differences have more to do with how those features and functions are presented. Payroll Mate offers features found in more expensive solutions at a fraction of the price. This payroll software may be a fit for small business owners looking for an affordable tool.

If you want to take some administrative burdens off your shoulders, a payroll system can be a good investment for your business. We have listed the five best payroll software options for 2023 below. Semi-monthly Payroll is ideal for businesses that pay commissions on a regular basis or have a lag in receiving payments from a vendor or governmental entity. There are a lot of 1st and 15th check dates, as well as some unusual ones like the 4th and 18th. We consider multiple factors from pricing to quality of service and customer support to bring you the best payroll software on the market. Patriot’s Basic Payroll plan is only $10 per month and $4 per employee, making it the most affordable payroll software on our list.

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